Studying The Business of Our Client

We study each of our customer business, competitors and target audience. With our expertise and tools we select the best ways to gather meaningful data about your situation.

Reverse Engineering

Our reverse-engineering process combines the reasons that different competing sites have been successful. Extracted information is used in an optimal way for our own client’s website.

Basic SEO, optimisation and Monitoring

Basic search engine optimisation has to be in order that deeper optimisation and the reverse-engineered information are useful. Also the site speed and general usability are important part of the basic criteria.

Reports and Strategy Conclusions

We co-operate with marketing or sales people of our client company about what information we need for SEO. If our client manages to reserve more time for the process, we love to plan together more detailed plan and give guidance for the technical staff of the website. We’ll review together the progress, and we always welcome questions during any time of our project.