Turn contacts into leads, and leads to opportunities

Manage all your customer interactions from the contacts like emails, phone calls, internal notes, meetings and quotations. Create leads automatically from incoming emails and website contact form feedback.

Schedule Meetings in an Integrated Calendar

You can schedule meetings straight from the lead or opportunity info screen and you can also log inbound and outbound calls. If you need several people taking care of the lead, you may organize the team to followup it. You can see your agenda and your colleagues' in one view.

Turn Sales Opportunities into Sales Quotations

Manage all your customer interactions from the opportunity like emails, phone calls, internal notes, meetings and turn these leads into quotations.

Automated Sales Actions

Automate actions (e.g. ask a salesperson to call, send an email etc.) based on triggers (no activity for 20 days, answered a letter, agreed timeline etc.)

Mass mailings

Easily send mass mailing to your leads, opportunities or clients.
Track marketing campaigns in order to improve conversion rates.

Live Chat

Chat with your website visitors and convert them to potential customers. No need for special chat server, all is done directly on your website!

Building Surveys and Analyzing the Answers

With an extra add-on you can design and test your survey and avoid extra costs that professional online surveys normally cause. Share and collect data instantly and all your results will be automatically synchronized with your database, no hidden datamining from your company. A survey may have multiple pages, containing multiple questions and answers in each of them. You can analyze instantly the results in Your CRM system.

CRM Integration with Your Website

The CRM can be indeed expanded to include Your responsive website in the same system, syncronised with the form actions, surveys etc. It's a great and fast way to start a new business with a modern, mobile-friendly website. In case Your company has a lately renewed website without special needs to have a new site, we can study the schedule and costs to bring your visual layout and the basic functionalities, the features, and the content of the website all together with the CRM.

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